US Military All ★ Stars

Support the 24th annual U.S. Military All-Stars “Red, White, and Blue” Tour.

The U.S. Military All-Stars team is s self-funded organization and each player pays their own way through the season.We’d like your assistance in helping the players. Your gift to us will go directly to support the operating and significant travel expenses required to make our annual “Red, White and Blue Tour of America” a reality.

U.S. Military All-Stars Team

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Learn more about each Hero by clicking on their images to view their profile. Find out where the men came from, their history in the sport as well as their Military status. Enjoy your time getting to know and understand why our Heroes give so much to reach any and all.

  • Christopher Diaz

  • Brandon Wheeler

  • Dalton Martinez

  • Eddie L. Waters III

  • Terry McClain Jr.

  • Will Schreiber

  • Jody Roof

  • Cody Hyde

  • Pacer Sexton

  • Frank Szczepanik

  • Ricky Dixon

  • John Schoberl

  • Jordan Egan

  • Kyle McCullough

  • Shawn Grose

  • Tyler Diaz

  • Kevin Thomas

  • Joseph A. Watros

  • Andrew Quinnell

  • Coming Soon

  • Graham Sherman

  • Coming Soon

  • Bruce "Jaz" Jazwinski

  • Charlie Coghlin

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